lubuntu Installed Tools

lubuntu is a full-featured desktop, that includes a great selection of system tools. Here is a list of tools available in lubuntu.

lubuntu System Tools

  1. GDebi Package Installer: Installs software using .deb files.

  2. Gparted: Allows you to move partitions and check your disk for errors.

  3. IBus: Start IBus, the service for input method entry.

  4. Lubuntu Software Center: A user-friendly app store, one of many ways to install software.

  5. Print Settings: Add a new Printers using CUPS.

  6. Synaptic Package Manager

  7. System Profiler and Benchmark: Identifies your computer hardware

  8. Task Manager: Close unresponsive programs.

  9. Time and Date: Allows you to set time zone, time of day.

  10. Update Manager: Keeps Lubuntu Updated

  11. Software Updater: Keep Lubuntu Updated. Same App, new name.

  12. Users and Groups: Manage user accounts and change passwords

  13. XTerm: Another terminal emulator.

  14. Windows Wireless Drivers: GUI installer for Ndiswrapper. Allows the use of Windows network drivers on 32-bit Linux.

lubuntu Preferences

  1. Additional Drivers Have Ubuntu look for more drivers for your hardware. In 12.10 this app has been moved to the Software Sources program. However in 14.04 and later a shortcut has been added back to the menu for convience.

  2. Bluetooth Manager: Connect to Bluetooth devices

  3. Customize Look and Feel Default font, icon theme, window and mouse pointer appearance

  4. Desktop Session Settings Select programs and services automatically run at startup.

  5. Desktop Preferences This is identical to right-clicking on the desktop and selecting preferences. This is Lubuntu/PCManFM desktop preferences.

  6. Disk Utility or Disks: Disk Utility Format and mount Disks

  7. Input Method Switcher: Input Method Switcher Select input method of asian characters

  8. Keyboard and Mouse: Mouse acceleration, Key repeat rate

  9. Keyboard Input Methods: IBus Input Asian characters.

  10. Language Support: Language Support Add new languages to Lubuntu user interface, switch them, change number formatting.

  11. Lxkeymap: LXKeymap Change keyboard layout from American to French, etc.

  12. Monitor Settings LXRandR: Change screen resolution

  13. Network Connections: Same as right clicking nm-applet's 'Edit connections' Network Manager.

  14. Openbox Configuration Manager: obconf Window style, Window title fonts, Window Animiations, Double-clicking title bar

  15. Power Manager: Xfce power manager Suspend PC when inactive, Lock screen when inactive, laptop screen brightness, power button

  16. Preferred Applications: Set default web browser and mail client.

  17. Screensaver: XScreenSaver Configure screen saver

  18. Software Sources: Software Sources Manage sources of software packages, or your system's repositories.

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