lubuntu vs Android

What is the difference between lubuntu and Android? How does lubuntu compare to Android?

Parameters lubuntu Android-x86
Based on Debian Android Open Source Project
Default Desktop Environment LXDE Android
Init-System Systemd Android init
Official Supported Architectures amd64, i686 amd64, i686
Package manager dpkg Package Manage
Release Schedule 2 Year LTS / 6 Month Releases Not available
Number of Supported devices High Low
PPA repositories High No
UI for smaller screens Good Good
Usage with old computers Easily configurable Difficult to tell as it supports few devices

lubuntu is part of the Ubuntu family and enjoys good amount of support and information. It also provides long term support and is stable. Lubuntu is more flexible than Android-x86. Android-x86 provide a good interface for working with android applications. Lubuntu has large number of applications for different needs.

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