lubuntu vs macOS

How does lubuntu compare to maxOS? Why is lubuntu a good alternative?

lubuntu Hardware Requirements vs macOS Hardware Requirements

Requirements OS X Lion or newer Lubuntu (Current)
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo or newer Intel Pentium or AMD K8
RAM 2 GB 512 MB (Recommended 1 GB)
Hard Drive 7 GB of available disk space 2 GB of hard disk space

lubuntu and macOS Feature and Cost Comparison

Comparision maxOS lubuntu
Pricing Expensive
OSX is tied Apple hardware and Apple hardware tends to be expensive.
Not very expensive
Can work on almost any machine and cheapest commericaly availabe hardware
File Manager macOS file manager Pcmanfm is used
An extremely light and fast manager is used
File Manager No native package management
A comparison of package managers available for OSX can be found here.
lubuntu software centre compatible with widely supported .deb packages
Software Openess Prefered and supportive of closed source proprietary solutions
Open Source Support and wide variety of apps
Keyboard layout Silly modifier keys layout
e.g. The alt key is known as the option key
A conventional keyboard layout can be used
Hardware choices Limited hardware
Usually, the hardware that can run this can't be upgraded.
Full upgradability
Any hardware system made after 2008 can be used with this system
Support cycle Suppourt ends usually after 3-4 years of release
Offers a long term support release
Window Manager The default window manager lacks any user customization
Uses Openbox as the default window manager which is easily customizable

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